Welcome to the Smith Library Media Center!

Mr. Reid  We are so excited that you came to visit. You will find that the world is waiting for you to discover all that it has to offer you.



The Media Center eagerly supports the school's learning objectives by providing valuable resources for the learning community - students, teachers, administrators, etc. - while fostering an engaging environment that promotes learning which will equip students with the skills needed to excel in a 21st-century world.

When you visit the Smith Elementary School Library Media Center, you will see:
  • Over 13,000 print and non-print resources, including library and reference books, videos, and cds!
  • The Parent and Professional Resource Center, which houses an abundance of informational resources suited for parental guidance and professional development, including a computer for email, job search, and other research needs.
  • A full capacity computer lab for independent, small group, or whole class research and collaboration.
  • An interactive whiteboard, electronic schoolpad, and audience response devices for presentation and communication.

And best of all, students and teachers working diligently and comfortably!

So come on by!

We welcome you and look forward to your visit!